Top Ways To Integrate Social Media Into Your Digital Signage

By Grace Eva

When we think of the online advertising and marketing field, we cannot ignore how much it has grown in terms of technology over the years. A series of technological advancements and changes have helped the marketing industry to upscale its marketing efforts.

Resulting from these tremendous changes and improvements, the digital signage tool came into the picture, and along with it came tremendous advancements and advantages. As the name suggests, digital signage is a digitized version of static signage. It offers the brands various benefits like spreading information, increasing participation, widening brand reach, boosting engagement, and eventually growing sales and conversions.

Brands and smart marketers have begun to use this powerful and effective communication tool in multiple ways. The best idea they came up with is to include social media into digital signage. This is a great strategy since social media can attract more audiences due to its engaging content.

However, if you are unsure of the best ways to show social media signage, you have stumbled across the correct post. In this blog, we are going to tell you about the best practices that can be used by brands and marketers to seamlessly integrate social media into the digital signage tool.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Display Live Videos On Digital Signage

Displaying the correct form of content is mandatory to achieve the benefits. Speaking of content and its types, visual content has the power to hold onto the attention of the users for a much longer duration. Here is a fun fact to prove it – Surveys suggest that visuals are ten times more effective to engage the audience than their text counterparts.

Hence, displaying photos and videos, especially live videos. They are becoming a huge trend amongst brands and businesses to target their customers’ lives while giving them information about the newly launched products, tutorials, and live questions.

Amongst all the social media platforms, YouTube has become a leading video platform that enables live streaming to its users.

Displaying live videos on digital signage can enable brands to expand the reach of their live videos and interest their target audience more.

Incorporate A Social Wall On Digital Signage

A social media wall is a customized format of aggregated social media content from various social media networks. Like digital signage, a social media wall is also an extremely interactive tool that works extremely well to keep the audience engaged.

Whether your brand’s created content or User-Generated Content, aggregating the content in an aggregated and customized form is a great strategy to keep the audience hooked. Speaking of the aggregating process, it can be done using a responsive social media aggregation tool.

Make sure you use a tool that offers a variety of features for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the social media wall.

Further incorporating it and placing it strategically on digital signage is a sure shot way to gain your audience’s attention, keep them hooked, and showcase your brand’s social proof.

Include An Appropriate Call-To-Action

Engaging and targeting the right audience is an important aspect for any business that can be done perfectly with the help of a tool like digital signage. However, to convert potential customers into existing brand ambassadors, you need to include a relevant Call-To-Action button along with the message to upscale and widen your audience reach.

Your audience will be compelled to take action immediately when they see an appropriate call to action message like Hurry now!, Limited seats only! Call us today!

Displaying such messages would work to instigate your audience to take any action when they see your message.

Show Social Media Reviews On Digital Signage

Social media is a hub of reviews, and it serves as a platform where users openly discuss and share their opinions about brands and products. Reviews work in extreme favour of brands since it helps them get validation from their customers about their products.

Further displaying your social media reviews from platforms like Facebook, Google, or Yelp on digital signage is a great strategy to gain the trust and confidence of your potential customers. Often customers do not feel comfortable shifting to a new brand and may be apprehensive about trying your products.

Adopting this practice would help you convert your potential customers seamlessly into existing customers.

Closing Note

This brings us to the end of this post, and now you are aware of the best tips that can help you integrate social media into your digital signage.

All these practices work extremely well to build a strong reputation for your business and help form a better brand user relationship.

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